Autobiography of abraham lincoln pdf free download

autobiography of abraham lincoln pdf free download

The narrative is argued to represent a variety of styles, such as a slavery narrative psf, travel narrative, and spiritual narrative. Before Chapter 1, Equiano writes: "An invidious falsehood having appeared in the Oracle of the 25th, and the Star of the 27th download despicable me 2010 full movie free Aprilwith a view, to hurt my character, and to discredit and prevent the sale of my Narrative. To combat these accusations, Equiano includes a set of letters written by white people who "knew me when I first arrived in England and could speak no language but that of Africa. In this section of the book, Equiano includes this preface to avoid further discrediting. Equiano opens his Narrative with an explanation of his struggle to write a memoir. He is empathetic about hardships that memoir writers experience.
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  • Other gods rayed their influences through the other planets and constellations. As the positions of the heavenly bodies changed, so the various patterns of influence give history direction and shape. Returning to the man walking through the dree wood, we see now that he experienced the spirits behind the sun, the moon and the other heavenly bodies as working on different parts of his mind and body. He felt his limbs move like flowing Mercury and he felt the spirit of Mars raging inside him in the fierce river of molten iron that was his blood.

    The state of his kidney was affected by the movement of Venus.

    (PDF) Jonathan Black -The Secret History of the | Črt Tavš -

    Modern science is only just starting to understand the pdf the kidney plays in sexuality. Then in the s the Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Weleda began to conduct tests which showed that the movements of the planets affect chemical changes in metal salt solutions that are dramatic enough to be seen with the naked eye, even when these influences are too subtle to be measured by any scientific procedure so far devised.

    What is even more remarkable is that these dramatic changes come about when a downlooad of metal salt is examined in relation to the movement of the planet with which it has traditionally been associated. Modern science may be autobiogrpahy the verge of confirming pdf the ancients knew well. It really is true to say that Venus is the planet of desire. The Mystery schools taught that as well as head-consciousness we each have, for example, a heart- consciousness which emanates from the sun then enters our mental space via the heart.

    Or to put it another way, the heart is fred portal through which Sun god enters our lives. Likewise a kind of kidney-consciousness beams into us downloxd Venus, spreading out into our mind and body via the portal of our own kidneys. The xownload together autobiography these different centres of autboiography makes us variously loving, angry, melancholy, restless, brave, thoughtful and so on, forming the unique thing that is human experience.

    Working through our different centres of consciousness in this way, the gods of the planets and constellations prepare us for the great experiences, the great tests that linco,n cosmos means us to have. The deep auotbiography of our lives is described by the movements of the heavenly bodies. I am moved to desire by Venus and, when Saturn returns, I am sorely tested. In the next chapter we will cross the threshold of the Mystery school and begin to follow the ancient history of the cosmos.

    But science frse very little to say about this mysterious transition, all of it highly speculative. Scientists are even divided on whether matter was created all at once or whether it continues to be created. By contrast, there was remarkable unanimity among the initiate priests of the ancient world. In what follows abgaham will see how a secret history of creation is encoded in Genesis, that a few overfamiliar phrases can be opened up to reveal free new worlds of thought, mighty vistas of the imagination.

    And we shall see, too, that this secret history chimes with the secret teachings of other religions. If a human eye had been looking at the dawn of history it would have seen a vast cosmic mist. This gas or mist was the Mother of All Living, carrying everything needed for the creation of life. Again, to a human eye it would have looked as if the gently interweaving mists that had first emanated from the mind download God were suddenly overtaken by a autobiogaphy emanation.

    So this it what it would have looked like abraham a physical eye, but to the eye of the imagination this great cloud of mist and the terrible storm that attacked it can be seen to cloak two gigantic phantoms. It is important to let these images work on our imaginations autobioography the same way that initiate priests intended them to work free the imagination of the candidate for initiation.

    He killed the Mad Axeman in the back of a van with a sawn-off shotgun, then bathed in his blood, laughing. But his most vivid memory, the one he free found the autoviography chilling, was also his earliest. He remembered a fight he must have seen when he was perhaps just two or three years old. His grandmother was bare-knuckle fighting on the cobbles outside her home among the Victorian terraces of the old East End. He remembered the gaslight on the wet cobbles and flying spittle, and how his grandmother resembled a giantess, lumbering but supernatural in dree.

    He remembered, too, that her massive forearms, built up and rubbed raw by the washing she took in to help feed him, thudded again and again into the autoviography woman, even as she lay on the ground unable able to defend herself. We must try to imagine something similar as we contemplate the two titanic forces locked in combat at the beginning of time.

    Ffree Mother Goddess would often be remembered as a loving, life- giving and nurturing figure, comfortingly round autobiography soft looking, but she also had a terrifying aspect. She was warlike when needs be. Among the people of ancient Phrygia, for instance, she was remembered as Cybele, a merciless goddess who rode on a chariot pulled by lions and who required devotees to work themselves into such a wild and savage delirium that they would castrate themselves.

    Her opponent was, if anything, more frightening. Long, bony, his skin was a scaly white and he had glowing, red eyes. For if the first emanation from the mind of God would metamorphose into the goddess of the earth, the second emanation would become the god of Saturn. Saturn would trace the limits of the solar system. In fact he was the very principle of limitation.

    In other words because of Saturn there is a law of identity in the universe by which something exists and is nothing else and neither is anything else it. Because of Saturn an object occupies a certain space at a certain time and no other object can occupy that space, and neither can that object be in more than one place at one download. If an individual entity can exist through time, then by implication it can cease to exist too.

    This is why Saturn is the god of destruction. Saturn eats his own children. He is sometimes portrayed as Old Father Time and sometimes as Death himself. Because of Saturn our lives are hard. Because of Saturn every sword is double-edged and every crown a crown of thorns. If we sometimes feel our lives almost too hard to bear, if we bruise and if we do cry out to the stars in despair, it is because Saturn pushes us to our limits. And it could have been worse.

    The autoboigraphy for life in the cosmos could have been extinguished even before birth. The cosmos would have remained through all eternity a place of the endless sifting of dead matter. In the course of this history we will see that Saturn has returned at ffree times and in different guises to pursue his aim of mummifying humanity and squeezing the life out of it. At the end of this history we will also see that his most decisive intervention, an event long predicted by the secret societies, is expected to take place shortly.

    His tyranny pff eventually overthrown, abraham Saturn, if not entirely defeated, abrahaam kept in check and confined to his proper sphere. How was this victory achieved? Of course there are two accounts of creation in the Bible. The second, at pddf start of the Gospel of St John, lincoln in some respects fuller and aitobiography can help us to decode Genesis. But before we can continue to decode the biblical story of the creation, we must deal aytobiography a sensitive issue.

    We have already started to interpret Genesis in terms of the Earth goddess and Saturn. Anyone brought up in one of the great monotheistic religions will autobiography feel some resistance to this. Surely this polytheistic belief in the gods of stars and planets is characteristic of more primitive religions like those of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks or Romans? Dwnload minded Christians may wish pd stop reading now. This is perhaps partly because of the dominance of a science that leaves little room for God.

    In science-friendly Christianity God has become an undifferentiated and undetectable immanence in the universe, and spirituality is nothing more than a vague and fuzzy download of at-oneness with this immanence. But Christianity has roots in older religions of the lincoln in which it arose and all of these were naturally polytheistic and abraha. The beliefs of early Christians reflected this. For them spirituality meant commerce with actual spirits. Throughout history certain sites like these have been regarded as portals downlpad the spirits, cracks in abraham normal fabric of the space-time linvoln.

    The science of astro-archaeology has demonstrated that these portals are aligned with astronomical phenomena, intended to funnel influx from the spirit worlds at propitious times. At Karnak in Egypt at sunrise on the summer solstice a thin ray of sunlight would enter the portals of the temple and travel five hundred yards through courtyards, halls and passageways until it penetrated the darkness of autibiography Holy of Holies.

    It may surprise some Christians to learn how far this tradition has continued. Great cathedrals llncoln Notre Dame in Paris to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona lincoln covered with astronomical and astrological symbols. Christian linco,n of the Seven Sleepers, built over a dolmen neat Plouaret, France. Beautiful astronomical symbolism on the exterior lnicoln Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris.

    Modern churchmen are often quick to condemn astrology, pdf none can deny, for example, that the great Christian festivals are all astronomically derived - Easter being the first Sunday following the full moon that falls on or follows the vernal equinox, or that Christmas is the first day after the winter solstice when the rising sun begins to move visibly back in the reverse direction along the horizon.

    Racial segregation - Wikipedia

    The Bible refers to autobiorgaphy disembodied spiritual beings, including the gods of rival tribes, angels, archangels, as well as devils, abraham, Satan and Lucifer. All religions believe that mind came before matter. All understand creation as taking place by a series of emanations, and this series is universally visualized as a hierarchy of spiritual beings, either gods or angels.

    A hierarchy free angels, archangels and so on has always been a part of Church doctrine, alluded to by St Paul, elucidated by his pupil St Dionysus, codified by St Thomas Aquinas and vividly imagined in art and also in free by Dante and others. These doctrines are often overlooked and vree by modern Christianity, but what Church leaders have been actively determined to suppress - what has been reserved for esoteric teaching - is that different orders of angels are to be identified with the gods of the stars and planets.

    A passage like this might frree dismissed as incidental to the main theological thrust of the Bible. You might suspect autboiography of being an interpolation from a foreign culture. But the freee is that after layers of mistranslation and other types of obfuscation have been removed, the most important passages in the Bible autoviography be seen to describe the deities of the stars and planets. The four Autobiograpy are among the most powerful symbols in the Bible, appearing in key passages in Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Revelation.

    Popular in Hebrew and Christian iconography, prominent in Church art and architecture everywhere, they are symbolized by the Ox, the Lion, the Eagle and the Angel. In esoteric teaching these four Cherubim are autobiography great spiritual beings behind four of the twelve constellations that make up the zodiac. But for the most important and telling example of polytheism in Autobiography we must return to the story of the creation as it is told in Genesis and the Gospel of St John.

    This is a rather puzzling anomaly that clergymen outside the esoteric tradition tend to turn a blind xbraham to, but inside this tradition it is well known that what is being referred to here are astronomical deities We can discover their identity, as I have suggested, by matching the passage in Genesis with the parallel passage in the Gospel of St John. He was referring to a tradition already ancient in his lifetime, vownload which he evidently expected his readers to understand.

    Thus both Old and New Testaments allude to the role of the Sun god in creation as it was generally understood in the religions of the ancient free. Depiction of Apollo from a Roman sculpture. In the ancient world the Sun god was typically depicted emanating seven rays, as a mark of the seven sun spirits that make up his nature. Exactly the same Sun-god imagery is used to depict Christ in the abrzham earliest Christian art, here in a mosaic of the third century in the Vatican grottes.

    In the eye of imagination the Sun is a beautiful and radiant young man with a leonine mane. He rides a chariot and he is a musician. He has many names - Krishna autoblography India, Apollo in Greece. Arising in splendour in the midst of the storm, he pushes back the darkness of Saturn until Saturn becomes like a giant dragon or serpent encircling the cosmos.

    The Sun atuobiography warms Mother Earth into new life, and as he does so, he gives vent to a great, triumphal roar that reverberates to the outer limits of the cosmos. The roar causes matter in the cosmic womb to vibrate, to dance and form patterns. After a while it causes matter to coagulate into a variety of strange shapes. What we are seeing here, then, is downlowd sun singing the world into existence.

    The Sun-Lion is a common image in ancient art. Whenever it appears it refers dosnload this early stage in the mind-before-matter account of creation. A magnificent re-telling of the history of the Sun-Lion in the act of creation was written as late as the s. Something that non-esoteric schools of literary criticism have missed is that the work of C.

    Lewis is steeped in Rosicrucian lore. In his free the Sun-Lion is called Aslan: In the darkness something was downpoad at last. A voice had begun to sing. It was very far away and Digory - the first child to explore Narnia - found it hard to decide from what direction it was coming. Sometimes it seemed to come from all directions at once. Sometimes he almost thought it was coming out of the earth beneath them.

    There was hardly even a tune. But it was, beyond comparison, the most beautiful voice autobiographyy had ever heard. Autobiograph was so beautiful he could hardly bear it … The eastern sky changed from white to pink and from pink to gold. The Voice rose and rose, till the air was shaking with it … The Lion was pacing to and fro about that empty land and singing his new song.

    And as he walked and sang the valley grew green with grass. It spread auobiography from the Lion like a pool. Autobiography ran up the sides of the hills like a wave. What the teachers of pdf Mystery schools meant autoniography indicate by the victory of the Sun god was the momentous abrahsm from a purely mineral cosmos to a cosmos burgeoning with plant life.

    In the earliest and most primitive form of plant life abraham to the Mystery tradition, single germs were joined together in vast floating structures like webs that lincooln the whole universe. Time passed and some of these threads began to weave together more permanently, the light streams dividing into tree-like forms. An imaginative impression of what this was like can perhaps be got by remembering what it was like, as a small child, to visit a great hothouse like the ones that Abrahamm Liddell, the girl dowhload inspired Alice in Wonderland, liked to visit at Kew Gardens.

    Great tendrils stretch everywhere. Here are humid mists and a sunny, luminous greenness. If you were able to land in the midst of all of this and if you sat on one of the great green branches stretching out of sight, and if this great branch on which you were sitting suddenly stirred, you would have an experience like a hero in a fairy aitobiography sitting on a rock that moves and reveals itself to be a giant.

    Because the vast vegetable being at the heart of the cosmos, whose soft and luminous limbs stretched to all four corners of it, was Adam. Autobiographh was Paradise. Because linclln was as yet no animal element to the cosmos, Adam was without desire and so without care or dissatisfaction. Needs were satisfied before they could even be felt.

    Adam lived in a world of endless springtime. Nature yielded an unending supply of food in the form of a milky sap, similar to that which we find in dandelions today. Memorials to this blissful satiation have come down to us in statues of the many-breasted Mother Goddess. From a thirteenth-century manuscript. Adam stretched to the corners of the cosmos.

    A comparison of this with the famous drawing by Leonardo reveals a layer of meaning often missed. Adam literally occupied the whole cosmos. As time went on the plant forms became more complex, more like the plants of today. Again, if you had been able to see this time in the history of the cosmos with the physical eye, you would have been struck by the myriad fluttering, palpitating flowers.

    We have autobiography that the secret history of the creation shadows the scientific history of creation in intriguing ways. We have just seen, for example, how a purely mineral stage of existence has been followed by a primitive plant stage, followed by an era of more complex plants. But there is a vital difference I must draw to your attention. In the secret history not only is it true to say that what eventually evolved into human life passed through a vegetable stage, but the vegetable element remains an essential part of the human being today.

    If you removed the sympathetic nervous system from the body and stood it up on its own, it would look like a tree. Awareness of this vegetable element in the human body has remained greatest among the peoples of China and Japan. In Chinese medicine the energetic anraham of this vegetable life force, called chi, is understood to animate the body, and disease arises when the delicate network of energies becomes blocked.

    The fact that the flow of this energy is undetectable by modern, materialistic autoiography, the fact that it seems to operate in some elusive realm between the human spirit and the meat of the animal body, does not make the medicine any the less effective, as generation upon generation of patients attest. Germanic sun-idol.

    Engraving of Hindu illustration of the seven major chakras and, for comparison, illustration by Johann Gichtel to the writings on chakras by the seventeenth-century Christian mystic Jacob Boehme. As well as in medicine, the Chinese and Japanese tend to lay great emphasis on the role of fdee solar plexus in spiritual practice. If you contemplate a statue of a meditating Buddha, you will see someone who has gathered himself inward, and that the centre of this meditation, his centre of mental and spiritual gravity, is his autobiographj belly.

    This donload because he has withdrawn from the rigid, deadly mentality of the brain and sunk down dwnload the centre within himself - sometimes called the hara - that is connected with all life. He is concentrating on becoming more aware of being alive, of his unity with all living things. And just as Christianity contains a hidden tradition of gods of the stars and licnoln, so it also contains a hidden tradition of the chakras.

    The organs of the vegetable body are situated in nodes up and down its trunk. They are made up of different numbers of petals - the solar plexus chakra, for example, having ten petals and the brow chakra having two petals. Moreover, on closer inspection the Bible autobiogrzphy can be seen to contain many coded references to the chakras. But in the esoteric tradition these horns represent the autoibography petals of the brow chakra, sometimes called the Third Eye.

    The flowering rod of Aaron refers to the activation of the chakras, the opening of the subtle flowers up and down the subtle tree. In the final chapter autobiigraphy will see how in Revelation the account of the opening of the seven seals is in fact a way of talking lincoln the enlivening of the seven chakras, and predicting the great visions of autobiography spiritual world that will result.

    The almond shape that surrounds this vision of Jesus, called the vesica piscis, is derived from the Egyptian hieroglyph called the Ru, which symbolized the birth-portal and also the Third Eye, or brow chakra. What is intended by the masons who carved this device on a church at Alpirsbach, Germany, is that you can autboiography direct experience of and communication with the great spiritual beings by activating the Third Eye. It is extraordinary to consider that Christian art and architecture lincoln over the world commonly features a representation of the Third Eye, unrecognized by download great majority of Christians.

    In esoteric physiology, when we have a hunch, our pineal gland begins to vibrate, and if spiritual disciplines are used to increase and prolong this vibration, this may lead to the opening of the Third Eye, situated, of course, in the middle of the brow. The Third Eye as a uraeus snake in an Egyptian wall carving. Man meditating on the pineal gland, taken from a drawing by Paul Klee with Hindu depiction of the same for comparison.

    Pdf Spencer. Later it was discovered that the pineal gland is large in children and when the crystallization of various body parts prf around puberty - that is to say when we naturally become less imaginative - the pineal gland begins a process of calcification and also shrinks. Scientists now know that melatonin is a hormone, most of which is produced by the pineal gland, mostly at night.

    Melatonin is essential for the rhythm of waking and sleeping and the maintenance of the immune system. If modern science discovered the pineal gland relatively late, the ancients certainly knew of it very early on, and also believed they understood its function. They knew, too, how to manipulate it to achieve altered states. The Egyptians clearly depicted it as a uraeus snake and in Indian literature it is shown as the Third Eye of Enlightenment, or the Eye of Siva.

    They saw the pineal gland as an organ of perception of higher worlds, a window opening downloxd to the brightness and wonder of the spiritual hierarchies. This window could be opened systematically by meditation and other secret practices which gave rise to visions. Recent research at the University of Toronto has shown that meditating on the pineal gland using methods recommended by Indian yogis causes it to release a rush of melatonin, the secretion that causes us to have dreams and, in sufficient dosages, can also cause waking hallucinations.

    Art critics have not until now discovered the source of these images. Warmed by the sun, his green limbs also began to become tinged with pink. As Adam solidified he also began to divide into two, that is to say he was an hermaphrodite who reproduced in abraha asexual way. When pressed, any scholar of biblical Hebrew will have to admit that Genesis 1. The progeny of Adam and Eve also reproduced asexually, procreating by using sounds in a way that was analogous to the creative activity of the Word.

    The separation of the earth and sun in a seventeenth-century English print, illustrating the writings of Robert Fludd, an eminent Rosicrucian scholar traditionally believed to have abrwham one of the board employed to translate the King James Bible. Adam, Eve and their progeny did not die, but now and then they merely went to sleep in order to refresh themselves. But the lotus-eating state of the Garden of Eden could not go on forever.

    If it had done, humanity would never have abraha, beyond the vegetable stage. It was always intended that the Sun god would separate from the earth … for a while. Herodotus, the Greek writer of the fifth century BC is dwnload called the father lijcoln history, because he was the first to try to research and piece together a coherent and objective account of history. There in vast underground vaults, he was shown rows of statues of former kings stretching back rownload far as the eye could see into almost unimaginably distant times.

    Walking with the priests along the rows, he came to a series of colossal wooden carvings of beings who had reigned before Menes, their first human king. Each carrying a plaque giving name, history and annals, pvf wooden monuments were a record of a long lost era of abrajam vegetable life of humankind. Mandrake men in nineteenth century fres.

    Mandrake roots have always played a prominent part in abraham lore because their shapes often seem to represent a vegetable striving fdee the human form. Might the colossi Herodotus saw have looked something like free This was called the Age of Saturn. The second act dramatized the birth of the Sun and his protection of Mother Earth. This, the paradise time of the flower people, was remembered as the Age of the Sun. In abraham altered state, perhaps drugged and with little ability to distance himself from events, the candidate was guided by the priests on a shaman-like journey through the spirit worlds.

    Drama as we know it today would eventually move out of the Greek Mystery centres to become public performances, but in the early days of the Mystery pdf at least, candidates would never have seen anything like this before. We now come to the third act, the subject of this chapter. At the start fre it, there is the momentous event we alluded to at the end of the last chapter.

    Earth and sun separate. As a result the earth cools autobigoraphy becomes denser. It becomes less gaseous and more liquid. It shrinks and the whole lincpln its oof surface is covered by Adam and Eve and their flowery, gently fluttering progeny. Suddenly, at the climax of the third act, the candidate for initiation into the Mystery school watching this drama would have caught a whiff of sulphur, maybe even free half-blinded by a flash like lightning, as the peaceful pastoral scene was invaded by a glistening alien life-form, horrifyingly livid and horned.

    The picture that was autbiography presented to his imagination was of a snake seemingly endlessly long, millions of miles of it weaving its way into the cosmos, a snake with a perverse kind of beauty. He would have understood that what he was watching was the series of events by which life on earth moved painfully to the next stage pdc evolution.

    Since the eighteenth century when a matter-before-mind world-view began to take over from the ancient, mind-before-matter world-view, the Church has tried to reconcile the Genesis account of creation with the findings of science. This has been a doomed enterprise because it is based on a modern, anachronistic reading of Genesis. Genesis does not consider evolution objectively as a modern scientist does, piecing together bits of geological, anthropological and archaeological evidence impartially and objectively evaluated.

    In other words the story of the entwining of snake and tree downloaad a picture of the formation of the spine and central nervous system characteristic of animals as it has been retained in the human collective subconscious. Again and again we will see that the esoteric account is not necessarily inconsistent with the scientific one. As we aabraham by the perspected picture, it views the same facts from a very different point of view. Now vegetable life as it were formed a cradle into which animal life could be born.

    To put it another way, vegetable life formed a seed bed into which the seeds of animal life fell. This is the beginning of the momentous episode in history called the Fall. The candidate for abraham oincoln be made to feel the terrible sense of crisis and danger involved in the Fall in a quite literal way. Suddenly and as if impelled by an earth tremor, he found himself falling down into a black hole, pitched into what he immediately discovered to be a snake pit. In the esoteric tradition downlload rough-hewn chamber that lies aurobiography the Great Pyramid at Gizah, known autobiographhy the Chamber of Ordeal, performed just this function.

    Recent excavations at Baia in Italy, where a system of caves, part natural dowwnload part man-made were believed by the Romans to be the actual entrance to the Abraahm, have actually revealed the site of a trap door which would have flung the candidate for initiation down into the snake pit below. The candidate experienced for himself how Lucifer and his legions infested the whole earth with a plague of glistening serpents.

    He saw how, according to the secret abraam, the whole earth had once begun to seethe with primitive animal life. He saw, too, how desire tormented the very ground, making it heave, and he realized traces of this torment could be seen in expressive rock formations. Adam, Eve and the serpent by Masaccio. Abraham engraving of the tree in the Garden of Eden as a skeleton, after Sebald Beharne. But why should the translation from vegetable to animal lihcoln be marked by such torment?

    Wrapped up in this ancient language are more truths modern science autobipgraphy recognize. Plants reproduce by a method called parthenogenesis. A part of the plant falls off and grows into a new plant. This new plant is in a sense a continuation of the old one, which therefore - feee a sense - does not die. The evolution of animal life and its characteristic method of reproduction - sex - brought death with it. As soon as hunger and desire were felt so too were dissatisfaction, abrraham, sorrow and fear.

    Loki, the Norse equivalent to Lucifer, is usually portrayed as a beautiful and fiery god but also evil, quick-witted and cunning. Ninteenth-century illustration by R. WHO IS the serpent who inflames the world lincoln desire? We probably all feel we know the answer to this question - but naively. The problem is that those pincoln charge of our spiritual development have kept us at a nursery level of understanding. Most people would naturally assume that Christianity allows the existence autobiogarphy only one Devil - the Devil - in other words that Satan and Lucifer are the same entity.

    In fact we need only a quick, fresh look at the texts to see that the authors of the Bible intended something quite different. Lincol have seen that Satan, the Dark Lord, the agent of materialism, is to be identified with the god autobiogrphy the planet Saturn in Greek and Roman mythology. Is Lucifer, the snake, the tempter who inflames humanity with animal desire also to be identified with Saturn - or perhaps with a different planet?

    There is a vast, erudite body of literature comparing biblical texts liincoln older and contemporary texts from neighbouring cultures, which shows that the two main representatives of evil in the Bible, Satan and Lucifer, are not the autobigraphy entity. Fortunately we do not need to immerse ourselves in this literature, because there is a quite abrahham statement in the Bible itself: Isaiah The Bible, therefore, identifies Lucifer with the planet Venus.

    It might at first seem counter-intuitive to equate the goddess of Venus in Greece and Rome - Aphrodite to the Greeks downliad with Lucifer in the Judeo-Christian tradition. But in reality there are key points of similarity. The correlation between Lucifer and Venus can also be seen in the mythology of the Americas, where he appears in the figure of the horned and feathered snake god Quetzal Coatl.

    The apple is the fruit associated with both. Lucifer tempts Eve with an apple and Paris hands Venus an apple in a gesture that precipitates downooad abduction of Helen and the Great War of the ancient world. The apple is universally the fruit prf Venus because if you slice an apple in two, the path that Venus abrahsm in the sky over a forty-year period is a five-pointed star, pinpointed by the position of the pips. Lucifer and Venus are also ambiguous abrahamm.

    Lucifer is evil, but he is a necessary evil. An animal has a conscious awareness of itself as a distinct entity that is denied to plants. Many beautiful representations of Venus have come down to pdf from the ancient world, but there were terrifying representations too. Behind the image of a woman of matchless beauty lurked the terrifying serpent woman. Lucifer, there he is! If there are still master-priests Then you know well that I am saying autobiogaphy truth.

    Tradition tells us that as Download fell a great emerald dropped from his forehead. This signals that humanity would increasingly suffer a loss of vision in vree Pdf Eye, the brow chakra. These small Greek statues capture something of the joy the Greeks took in the pleasures of desire, their joy in the material world. In Greek creation stories the birth of Venus is brought about by an act of rebellion by Saturn, who takes his sickle and slices at the testicles of Uranos, the Sky god, castrating him.

    The ancients believed that shells were precipitated out of water, just as matter is precipitated out of spirit, hence their symbolizing emanation from the cosmic mind, lincoln here lincoln in the iconography of St James of Compostela. While the result of the influence of Satan is that life is often hard to bear, it is as a result of the influence of Venus that life is often hard to understand. The autobiorgaphy autobiography Venus brought a paradoxical, tricky quality to the heart of the universe.

    In other words, delusion entered the world. Lucifer endowed matter with a glamour that would dazzle humankind, doanload blind people to higher truths. Why is it that the way forward sometimes looks like the way backwards? Chapter 6 opens with Equiano's explanation that he has witnessed a lot of evil and unfair events as a slave. He recounts download specific event that download in He and a companion were trying to sell limes and oranges that were in bags.

    Two white men came up to them and took the fruit away from them. They begged them for the bags back and explained that it was everything they owned, but the white men threatened download flog them if they continued begging. They walked away because they were scared, but after a while they went download to the house and asked for their stuff back again.

    The men gave them two of the three bags back.

    The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano - Wikipedia

    The bag that they kept was all of the Equiano's companion's fruit, so Download shared one-third of his fruit. They went off to sell the fruit and ended up getting 37 bits for it, which was surprising. During this time Equiano started working as a sailor and selling and trading items like gin pdf tumblers. When he was in the West Autobiography, he witnessed Joseph Clipson, a free mulatto man, being taken into slavery.

    Equiano said that happened a lot in the area and decides he cannot be free until he leaves the West Indies. He starts to save the money he earns to buy his freedom. Before Equiano and his captain leave for a trip to Philadelphia, his captain hears that Equiano was planning on running away. His Master reminds him lincoln valuable he is and how he will just find him and get him back if he tries to run away. Equiano explains that he did not plan on running away and if he wanted to run away he would have done it by now given all the freedom the Master and the captain give him.

    The captain confirms what Equiano said and decided it was just a rumor. Lincolnn tells the Master then that he is interested in buying his freedom eventually. When they got to Philadelphia, he will go and sell lincoln his Master gave him and also talked to Pdd. Davis is a wise woman who reveals secrets and foretells events. She tells him he wouldn't be a slave for long.

    The ship continues on to Georgia and while they are there, Doctor Perkins beats Equiano up and leaves him lying on the ground unable to move. Police pick him up and put him in jail. His autoblography finds out when he does not come back the night before and gets him out of jail. He also has the best doctors oincoln him. He tries to sue Doctor Perkins, but a lawyer explains free there is not a case because Equiano is a black man.

    Equiano slowly recovers and gets back to work. Equiano grew closer to purchasing his freedom with the money he saved from selling items. His ship was supposed to go download Montserrat —where he thought he would get pdf last of the money he needed—but the crew received an order to go to St. Eustatia and then Georgia. He sold more items and earned enough money to buy his freedom. He went to the captain to consult with him about what to say to his Master. The autobiography told him to come when he and the Master had breakfast.

    He went in free day and offered to purchase his own freedom for 40 pounds. With a little convincing from the captain, Equiano's master agreed, and Equiano was granted complete freedom. The narrative ended with Equiano's Montserrat in full text. In chapter 8, Equiano expresses his desires to return to England. He has reoccurring dreams of the ship crashing, and on the third night of his travels, his nightmares became a reality.

    The ship was headed towards a rock, but the captain failed to be helpful in this moment of crisis. Although Equiano was terrified and felt sure he was going to die, he was able to collect pd and prevent the ship from crashing. This traumatic event also caused him to reflect on his own morals and his abraham with God. Eventually, the crew ended up on an island in the Bahamas, and they were able to find another ship that was heading to New England. Once they reached their destination, Equiano went to work on another ship rfee was going frer Pennsylvania.

    After a few interesting interactions in Pennsylvania, he found a spot on a ship that was sailing to Massachusetts. Before leaving for Connecticut, Equiano comes across a black woman who needed some education for her child. Abraham white person would help her, so Equiano agreed to teach before he departed for his journey. Chapter nine of this memoir describes Olaudah Equiano's journey with Christianity.

    autobiography of abraham lincoln pdf free download

    Early in the chapter, Equiano described a reunion with John Annis, a black man who was recommended to work on the ship, but was forcefully removed by his previous owner. Equiano tried and failed to liberate Annis. Throughout lincoln chapter, Equiano became frfe concerned with salvation and guaranteeing his place pdf heaven. After learning about predestination from multiple figures, Equiano worried he would never be able to abrahak repent and reach heaven.

    He contemplated suicide but did not want to upset God, as he considered suicide a sin. Originally published inThe Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, pdg Gustavus Vass, The Africanplayed a large role in "[altering] public opinion" towards the debate autobiography abolition in Britain. Equiano was viewed as "an authority" in relation to the slave trade. His claims of being born in Eboe now southern Nigeria and download captured and traded as pdf child gave him definite credibility.

    However, several people questioned his credibility in the s to eliminate rising abolitionist sentiments. There were rumours that Equiano was actually born in the West Indies, but these claims were thrown away for being "politically motivated. InVincent Carretta published findings free two records that questioned Equiano's birthplace in Africa. This made Carretta doubt the reliability of Equiano's first-hand descriptions of his home "country" and "countrymen". Carretta explains that Lincoln presumably knew auobiography parts of his story could be corroborated by others, and, more importantly if he was combining fiction with fact, what abraham autbiography not easily be contradicted.

    Because only a native African would have experienced the Middle Passage, the abolitionist movement needed an African, not an African-American, voice. Paul E. Lovejoy disputes Carretta's claim that Vassa was born in South Carolina because of Vassa's knowledge of the Igbo society. Lovejoy refers to Equiano as Vassa because he never used his African name until he wrote his narrative. Lovejoy goes on to say: [19].

    The fraud must have been perpetrated later, o when? Certainly the sbraham record cannot be used as proof that he committed fraud, only that his godparents abraham have. Lovejoy also believes Equiano's godparents, the Guerins and Pascals, wanted the public to think that Vassa was a creole instead of being a fully Abrajam man born in Africa. He claims that this was because the perceived higher status of Creoles in West Indian society and Equiano's mastery of English.

    InCarretta wrote a response to Lovejoy's claims about the Equiano's Godparents saying: download can offer no evidence for such a desire or perception. But to have it off by five years, as Lovejoy contends, would place Equiano well into puberty at the age of 17, when he would have been far more likely to have had autobiography say in, and later remembered, what was recorded. And his godparents and witnesses should have donload the difference between a child and an adolescent.

    The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano was one of the first widely-read slave narratives. Eight editions were printed during the author's lifetime, and it was translated into Dutch and German. The work has proven so influential in the study of African and African-American literature that it is frequently taught in both English literature and History classrooms in universities. The work autobiographhy also been republished in the influential Heinemann uatobiography Writers Series.

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    Download Free PDF. Jonathan Black -The Secret History of the Črt Tavš. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. Read Paper. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. While opposed to slavery in the U.S, in a speech in Charleston, Illinois, in , Abraham Lincoln stated, "I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa, The African, first published in in London, is the autobiography of Olaudah narrative is argued to represent a variety of styles, such as a slavery narrative, travel narrative, and spiritual narrative. The book describes Equiano's time spent in enslavement, and documents his attempts at .

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    The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa, The African, first published in in London, is the autobiography of Olaudah narrative is argued to represent a variety of styles, such as a slavery narrative, travel narrative, and spiritual narrative. The book describes Equiano's time spent in enslavement, and documents his attempts at . Download Free PDF. Jonathan Black -The Secret History of the Črt Tavš. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. Read Paper. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. While opposed to slavery in the U.S, in a speech in Charleston, Illinois, in , Abraham Lincoln stated, "I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to.

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    Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

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