History function music download

history function music download

Enjoy the jazzy sound of an old-fashioned New Orleans jazz band. Featuring warm horn sections, vibraphone, upright bass, and drums, this track automation beamng drive download an upbeat feel that makes it great for documentaries or film noir-style projects. Although it has plenty of swings, this music can also be used in various nostalgic videos as background music. An epic Asian orchestral music with Asian instruments like shakuhachi bamboo flute, taiko drums and Asian percussion. This track creates an awesome and powerful musical journey.
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  • The music is a round in three steps typical of the South Cornouaille and common in the Breton coastal areas.

    Apr 14,  · Happy music can be something that makes you feel a certain joy, or a general sense that everything is going well. Funky, fun, commercial, upbeat or even children tunes can also be happy to some people. I hope the tracks in this category provide a feeling of summer and joy. Happy music downloads listed below. Here you can find and free download instrumental background music for presentations and more. Free Download MP3 from AShamaluevMusic. You can use all the music tracks for free, but without monetization on YouTube. If you want to monetize your video (commercial use), you need to purchase a license or become my patron on Patreon (click on the. Welcome to my History Music page! Here you’ll find music that can be used in projects set in historical times. Free to use with attribution. You might want to also check out my EPIC / BATTLE page. If you need help finding anything or have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at: [email protected] Reading Time: 4 mins.

    Add a slinky, suburban, and cinematic atmosphere to your project. Tune is perfect for cinematic documentary, advertising, presentations, technology, tutorials, timelapse, sport, life, commercial trailers, history, education, film, and more. This is a bright jazzy track with swing big band brass elements in the style of the '30s and '40s.

    It's a bright, fun, and positive jazz composition. Engaging, bright, and full of life. Fun, uplifting, and rousing. This Big Band Swing is perfect for commercials or documentaries needing music to motivate and send out a message or create an atmosphere. This Arabic background music is ideal for background videos about the Middle East, about the market, history, desert nature, culture, the announcement of the month of Ramadan, video celebrations and other oriental videos.

    Cool and slow spaghetti western music in Clint Eastwood movie style. Begins with a jaw harp intro and transitions to a "tired" section with electric guitar, live harmonica, and original whistling by myself no samples.

    Oct 10,  · Tracklist: E & Too Short “History (Function Music & Mob Music)” By Erich Donaldson Erich Donaldson is a contributing writer to Complex's Music department. Nov 06,  · Party pimpin' royalty comes together on History: Function Music, a collaborative album from E and Too Short that is also related to a sister album (History: Mob Music) and a set that compiles the two (History: Mob Music and Function Music).This one seems the more Ecentric of the bunch, with the Bay Area slang king kicking things off with an explanation of 5/10(13). Download free background music mp3 files from Melody Loops. Use with personal and commercial projects include YouTube videos and Powerpoint presentations.

    Perfect for old west America history, cowboys and indians, cactus desert, sheriffs and outlaws, gunmen, etc. If country western music suits your commercial needs, my song will lasso and wrangle your customers right in, cowboys, cowgirls, and cowpokes! Inspiring and energetic cinematic track. Good background for trailer, movie, advertisment, documentary, slideshow, footage and video about adventures, history, sciense, technology, sport.

    Ethereal pianos, angelic female vocals, ambient acoustic guitar, silky orchestral strings and contemporary synths convey a beautiful, emotional and uplifting mood. This cinematic soundscape is ideal for a beautiful fairy tale, fantasy elven kingdom, ancient history, knights and ladies of honor, intimate romantic scenes, love confessions, dawn over the lavender field and a slight excitement before morning sunrise.

    The Jungle Village is a background music for any visual media that relates to journey, trip, traveling, village, wild animal discovery, forest tour, camping, etc. The track includes Kageyama Taikos drums groove, childer singing, jungle percussion, and bass. The track has an organic tone and a touch of African beat. Suitable for any video corporate, Youtube Vlog, documentary, etc. This is oriental arabic background music. Well suited for any ethnic and traditional projects that need this exotic sound.

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    Instruments: santoor, zourna, oud, darbuka, bass, strings, pad, percussion. Corporate music track with a download and inspiring feel. Perfect for business successful style, advertisement projects, high-tech product review, history and art projects, commercials, presentations, Film and TV. A nostalgic retro-futuristic track in synthwave style brings back the feelings and moods of the 80s.

    Featuring analog synths, pads, electric guitars and electronic drums. Great for advertising, promos, trailers or any kind of media content evoking the feel function yesteryear. Traditional oriental music music to welcome Ramadan Month! This track ranges from Arabian, Turkish, Persian, and Kurdish with a variety of instrumental voices including oud, saz, violin, drums, and daf.

    A most unique gift for those fascinated by the rich culture and history of the Middle East. Epic cinematic underscore with a big orchestra sound building to a glorious finish. Ideal background music for dramatic patriotic movies with a happy ending, war history documentaries, where's good finally win against bad, adventures and others. Welcome To Africa is inspired, rhythmic, cinematic music - perfect for trailers, jungle and safari videos, and anything else inspired by African music.

    Warm and exotic, featuring majestic strings and ethnic percussion that create a passionate, Arabic mood. Suitable for travel videos, documentaries, and history films. Powerful, ominous, military percussion music. Great march sound for marching soldiers and army scenes, preparation to war parade, majestic opening themes, WW2 history documentaries, preparing for battle, and more. A beautiful and sweet piano melody that evokes a strong sense of happiness, love, and friendship. This type of music is often used in ads to make people feel happy, in love, or with tear-jerking love stories.

    E & Too $hort – History: Mob Music + Function Music (Album Covers & Track Lists) | HipHop-N-More

    This type of music is also function when the script calls for the audience to feel melancholic, sad, or in tears with historry emotional moments. This Arabic music is ideal for background videos about the Middle East, about the market, history, desert music, culture, videos download North Africa, Arab documentaries, the announcement of the month of Ramadan, video celebrations and any other oriental, ethnic, Islamic holidays and more. A relaxing piece of ethnic world music, which is perfect for practicing tai chi, qi yistory, karate or other martial arts.

    You may also use it for Asia travel reports, Ancient Empires history or as History videos. This one is an authentic background epic instrumental composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, groovy ethnic darbuka. The traditional Arabic musical mood inspired it. This background downlad perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercials and documentaries, culture videos, history, travel projects, desert nature scenes, and more!

    Featuring big war battle drums, violins, cello, live bass, fx, choirs, strings, brass, cymbal, synths.

    history function music download

    Great for war games and movies, documentary scientific films, movie trailers or as an epic, adventure music for website's background, travelogue programs as Lonely Planet or Globe Trekker, history of the world civilization. An other-worldly, mellow and mysterious prelude. Created with morphing synths, sparkling bells, and light piano.

    The music will be suitable for any project requiring mystery, tension, horror, thriller atmosphere. Perfect for thriller films, spooky fairy-tales, detective video games, Halloween projects, etc. Ethno oriental, Arabian groove tune.

    History: Function Music Album Information

    Perfect for ethnic dance projects, middle east background videos, history, travel projects, documentaries and any ethnic oriented presentation. Instruments: zurna, kemance, kemani, darbuka, dholak, ethnic hand percussion. A light, beautiful and romantic orchestral piece from Belle Epoque which will perfectly fit for advertisements, history movies, family videos, wedding or love story albums. Also good for YouTube or any other media projects looking for elegant, classical, optimistic and inspirational mood.

    History: Function Music - E, Too $hort | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

    Soft, acoustic, and inspiring corporate track with an epic twist. The track has an uplifting intro that builds into a big and powerful ending. Great for corporate advertisement, company presentations, travel videos, YouTube videos, Google ads, and social media advertising campaigns. Original background epic instrumental composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, groovy ethnic darbuka. Inspired with traditional Arabic musical mood. This background track perfect for middle east background jistory projects, travel videos, Arabian commercials and documentaries, culture videos, history, travel projects, desert nature scenes, oriental backgrounds, magical desert landscapes, news about the middle east, and many more.

    Enjoy this epic, powerful, high-action music track loaded with energy, drive, and heroism. This orchestral track is ideal for any epic occasion, big battle scene, or winning moment in your project. Use this track to enhance your narrative compositions or to score the trailer of your spectacular next film.

    Free Background Music Download MP3 Melody Loops

    Epic oriental soundtrack inspired with traditional Arabic music. Featuring ethnic strings, passion oud, groovy darbuka. This background track perfect for related to Middle East projects, Arabian culture and history, desert landscapes, and more. World music track featuring hang drum, flute, harp and world percussion. Useful for travel guides, jungle or rainforest footage, history, travel and discovery channel.

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    A tender and gentle cinematic piece with an emotional atmosphere, heartwarming sound, and a truly inspiring, moving, and uplifting feel. Beautiful background music with an emotional piano melody accompanied by soft pads and string instruments. A track that reflects the melancholic beauty and magic of life is ideal for wedding videos, photo slideshows, sentimental love stories, romantic moments, soothing dramatic moments, etc.

    This piece of music is an authentic dramatic epic composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, daf and ethnic percussion with traditional arabic downlaod mood. This instrumental background soundtrack is perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian music and documentary, culture videos, history, travel projects, desert nature scenes, oriental backgrounds, magical desert landscapes, news about the middle east.

    Deep meditative tribal theme created with Shamanic sounds immersing the listener to the state of trance. Loud breath set the rhythm of the composition, angelic female voice, with a heavy reverb for maximum atmosphere, envelops the function. Suitable for world ethnic documentaries, epic adaptations of Viking stories, ancient civilizations, history film soundtrack, scenes of initiation, the awakening of spirit and strength, etc. Analog sound in the atmosphere functioj the 80s, with a futuristic, vintage, nostalgic feel.

    A loop-ready, slightly dramatic tune that features acoustic guitars only in uistory style similar to a mid-tempo Sicilian history. Suitable mjsic projects involving the theme of romance, intrigue, European culture, Medieval history, dark age etc. A modern classical royalty-free soundtrack with Hollywood sound of download intimate piano and bittersweet strings.

    Ideal for dramatic love plots, downloadd emotive media content. It is impossible to call this music sad. It is more likely dwnload light grief, for example, as memories of kind times, so you could add it to your love story or history project in which emotions have or had a special value. Epic uplifting, patriotic orchestral track with smooth strings and bold, bright horns. An emotional, respectful start builds into a glorious climax.

    Great for military scenes and trailers. Conveys pride and loyalty. Ride With Me 8. Do You Remember? Kurupt 9. Street Money My Stapler Ask About Me feat. B-Legit Pancherellos functipn This Shit Pound 2. Slide Through feat. Tyga 3. Smoke That Shit 4. Dump Truck feat. Singles 7.

    Music for History Documentary Royalty Free Download MP3

    Entrepreneur 8. Bout My Money feat. Turf Talk 9. Say Dowhload feat. Wiz Khalifa West Coast Shit feat. Ice Cube One Foot feat. Sugafree Check That Bitch Everyday

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