Java vm download windows xp

java vm download windows xp

java vm download windows xp

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  1. Shakia Hernandez:

    Once you have this installed and have re-booted your machine, then you need to go to the MS update site and install all the updates you do not currently have. The link to MS' site is:. When the updates are complete, you will need to re-boot one more time.

  2. Amy Belgarde:

    As of April 8, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP and therefore it is no longer an officially supported platform. Users may still continue to use Java 8 updates on Windows XP at their own risk, but we can no longer provide complete guarantees for Java on Windows XP, since the OS is no longer being updated by Microsoft. We strongly recommend that users upgrade to a newer version of Windows that is still supported by Microsoft in order to maintain a stable and secure environment.

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