Phantom of the opera 2004 full movie download

phantom of the opera 2004 full movie download

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    Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! A mad, disfigured composer seeks love with a lovely young opera singer.

    I had just finished reading the book in the original French and I must say I was surprised at how faithfully this version followed the book. Except for the end which was an ful of Hollywood, it was a pleasure to watch this film, which in spite of being silent, conveyed better than I ever expected the original intent.

    phantom of the opera 2004 full movie download

    Also, the face of the phantom was exactly as the author imagined it, a death mask, a living skull. Reviewer: bebe23 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 11, Subject: Fantastic movie!

    Lon Chaney outdid himself as the "Phantom of the Opera". Even the more modern day versions are as good as this! Reviewer: cabbage - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 5, Subject: Classic This movie is a true classic that everyone should see and this version is the best of them and its public domain - HOOT! I finally phaantom this movie again after 24 years of Chaney's Phantom scaring me nearly to death; but I love the Phantom character and love silent movies, so I'm glad love conquered all and I finally got to see it AND enjoy it!

    To fully appreciate it, one must try to avoid being over-exposed to the now-commonly-seen unmasked face of the Phantom, and know something about the times in which it was made.

    My father first saw the original release in as an year-old boy, and confirmed that the audiences indeed were scared out of their wits with opeda, faintings, and general histronics. Lest I sound like a blind admirer, know that I very much disliked the oft-mentioned "wooden" performances of Mary Philbin and Norman Kerry Christine and Raoul respectivelyas well as the botched, horrible direction by the mediocre director Rupert Julian, thr the tragical re-editing and cutting of the original footage.

    The work has a valid copyright notice on the front, it was made inso afterand was put out by universal who still owns the character.

    phantom of the opera 2004 full movie download

    Reviewer: gusferatu - favorite favorite favorite - September 4, Subject: phantasmagoric the phantom of the opera with lon chaney is the only version of this story that is watchable. I've been what one would call a Phan for about 12 years operra, and I must say this is by far the BEST version of the story ever to be captured on film.

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    I first discovered this movie when I became a fan of all things Phantom. At that time, I was not fond of silent films, but this one was the exception. For anyone who's read Gaston Leroux's original novel, it is plain to see how true to the story this film has remained. Although I've grown to appreciate silent movies over the years, this potrayal of The Phantom of the Opera remains my favorite. Reviewer: terracesider - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 9, Subject: The music One of the masterpieces of cinema.

    Reviewer: obieone - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 22, Subject: The Phantom is The best Phantom to this date. I saw the Andrew Lloyd Weber production in Toronto and thought it was very impressive, and I relived the film over again. I would put the stage musical up there with the art of "the Phantom". The Phantom eternally played by Lon Chaney is terrifying.

    Nov 25,  · For my next Phantom thrill, I'm looking forward to a full-size theater showing (usually found around Halloween) with complete theater organ accompaniment! P.S. The second best "Phantom" portrayal and wonderful in its own way is the STAGE musical, NOT the movie. Once again, I believe the original in this venue was the best: Michael Crawford. Oct 26,  · the phantom of the opera with lon chaney is the only version of this story that is watchable. the make-up used to heighten the evil, anger, and sorrow wrapped within this character cannot be given enough praise. the background scenery is often breathtaking, and the leading lady is gorgeous. but that is about where this movie and i (sa well as most of the . Jun 12,  · Synopsis. Begins when an opera ghost terrorizes the cast and crew of the French Opera House while tutoring a chorus girl. He finally drives the lead soprano crazy so she and her friend leave. The girl is able to sing lead one night but the soprano doesn't want her show stolen so she comes back. The ghost demands they keep giving his protégé /10(K).

    I have also had the pleasure of donload this on Holloween at our state theater here in Kalamazoo with an excellent organ score and a 35mm print. Be sure to download this and enjoy it again and again.

    You will see the masterful disguise made famouse by the man of faces. Reviewer: manavkaushik - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 16, Subject: A Classy Horror At least five film remakes have been made since this original classic horror. The beauty of Phantom is the volume of its archetypal themes. The story is a classic romance of unrequited love cast in a beauty vs.

    This specific film is undoubtedly a case study in the classic haunted house tale, although this house is for operas and not the traditional domesticated abode. Additionally, the film is a morality tale warning people about the dangers of excessively pursuing success. The film also boasts an excellently choreographed chase scene at the end, full of action, drama, and twists and turns. The set design is also impressive.

    The setting of an opera house full of props and stage structures adds a point of realism to the film that would otherwise be lost. There is too much to write about this classic. Clearly, Phantom is one of the greatest silent films ever made. It is taut with complex themes and fabulously acted, designed, and written. Modern viewers not used to silent films will be surprised at how easy it is to watch this film.

    And as one of the earliest installments of the horror genre, Phantom is still one of its best. Indeed, it's one of the greatest films ever made in any genre. An old flick but worth a watch. Happy viewing. Manavkaushik at hotmail.

    The Phantom lives! Reviewer: brainwagon - favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 28, Subject: a classic, deserving of a better print This movie simply could not be more impressive, a true classic from the time of silent films. Terrific plots, spooky sets, scary stuff, one of my favorite Halloween experiences of all time was seeing this in an old chapel with live pipe organ music. That being said, the copy itself is pretty dreadful: blurry, noisy, over or under exposed.

    The Phantom of the Opera : Carl Laemmle : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    It's good enough to whet your appetite downlpad a better print, at the risk of sounding like a commercial endorsement, pick up the Milestone collection version. It's terrific. I'm giving it four stars only because I'd like to see a better version of such a fine movie. Reviewer: WanderingOisin - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 26, Subject: Wonderful In my opinion, a superb version of the classic silent masterpiece, "The Phantom of the Opera" I was delighted to hear the score for this version.

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