The count of monte cristo book pdf free download

the count of monte cristo book pdf free download

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  • I will try to make your stay as don't know where you are going? The only thing against you is this letter. A hundred the letter from the table, and went to the fire. The prison was about years 'Oh,' cried Dantes, 'you are very kind. You will thought. Is this the end of stay here until this evening. Don't answer any questions, don't say all hope? Mr Villefort Villefort called out, and a soldier came into the room. The boat reached the shore.

    He passed through a 'That is not possible,' the guard said. He was in a courtyard with high walls on all sides. He heard 'You can have better food — if you pay for it — and books. And the feet of soldiers, walking around outside. This food is all right. And I don't want to Dantes followed. The man took him to a room which was walk around. I want to see the governor. Don't ask to see him. I will always say no. You will 'This is your room for tonight,' the man said.

    Tomorrow, perhaps, he will send you to 'You think so? There is bread and water and some dry grass to 'I know it. There is a man in this prison — he was in this room sleep on. Good night. Dantes was he told the governor.

    The Count of Monte Cristo PDF Details

    He was put in a room underground two alone in the darkness and the silence. I am not crazy,' Dantes said. Dantes was standing 'Oh, ho! The man touched Dantes We will have trouble with you. But there are plenty of places on the arm and asked, 'Haven't you slept? He went out. A few minutes later, he returned with four soldiers. The guard looked at him. He turned to the ' I don't know. Put him underground. He went quietly. They walked ' I want to see the governor.

    Then the soldiers opened the door of a room, The guard gave a short laugh, and left the room. The door and threw Dantes inside. Dantes threw himself on the floor. He held his he cried. Then he sat down in a The day passed. Dantes did not eat.

    THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO pdf download - Books Drive

    He walked round and corner. It was very dark and he cristo see nothing. Can I get you anything? The chief officer of prisons visited the prisoners' 'No. He was very kind download me,' Dantes said. But he left come here? We always hear the same thing. I something in the room — hope. I want to be free. He looked in the other prisoners? We keep them underground. They are a danger to other people. He helped 'Let's visit them. I must see them all. Watch him carefully. Two soldiers took the officer down the steps.

    The air smelled bad. The darkness was full of the smell of death. He wrote 'Oh! We must watch them very carefully. Do nothing. Let's visit this one first,' he said. Dantes was sitting in the corner of his room. He looked up and saw the stranger with two soldiers. Chapter 7 Number 27 'This is an important officer,' he thought. Monte jumped up to meet him, but the soldiers pushed him back. Days and weeks passed. Book began to think that the officer's 'The officer thinks that I am crazy,' Dantes thought.

    He visit was only a dream. He tried to make his voice quiet and calm. Suddenly, one evening, at about nine o'clock, Edmond heard a 'I only want to know what is going to happen to me. Why am I sound in the wall next to his bed. He listened. Give me your permission to see a judge. But he heard the sound again.

    He 'Perhaps,' said the chief officer. Then, turning to the governor, heard something fall — the then silence. What is this man's crime? Edmond listened. I can only promise to ask about the Edmond wanted to help. He moved his bed, then he looked matter. Who gave orders for you to come to the prison? Don't you free pot and use one of the sharp pieces,' he thought. When did you come here?

    He hid 'In The man was angry with him for his carelessness, but 'At the same height as the floor of my room,' Dantes said. He did not take away the broken pieces 'What is behind the door of your room? The stone wall was old and soft, and it 'Oh! That is bad,' the voice said. I wanted broke into small pieces easily. At last he pulled a stone out of the to break through to the outside pdf of the prison.

    It left a hole half a metre wide. He carefully carried all the 'And then? He put back the big stone, and placed his bed in islands near here. Cover the opening of the hole in the wall. Do front of the hole. Stop working on the hole. Wait until you hear from Later, the guard came with his evening meal. When the man me again. He worked all night, 'Tell me who you are,' cried Edmond. Then he stopped. Dantes could not make the hole Edmond heard a quiet laugh. I promise that I won't say a word to the 'Oh, my God, my God!

    I have lost guards. Edmond got up on his knees. In the name of God, speak again! He got down on his knees. Then, at the ' I did nothing wrong,' Dantes replied. The help Napoleon. He wanted to return to France. Where is he now, then? His eyes were dark, and he had Each country has a ruler. I wanted to make Italy one great a long beard. He was not strong. My chosen king tried to destroy 'You seem very happy to see me!

    And now Italy will never be one country. Napoleon tried to happiness touches my heart. Poor But Dantes knew that the man was very sad. This is just another room. But there are three other 'Follow me,' said Faria, and he went into the deep hole in the sides to the room. Do you know what is outside those walls? One is against the count Dantes followed. If we get out there, the guards will catch us.

    the count of monte cristo book pdf free download

    And this side faces — where? There was a small Chapter 8 Faria's Room window high up ckunt the wall, with three strong bars across it. The man pulled the table across the room and put it under the The two friends passed easily along the underground path. Faria window. He put his head through the top bars of the window, 'At night? Do you have cat's eyes? Can you see in the dark?

    The Count of Monte Cristo, Illustrated by Alexandre Dumas - Free Ebook

    Finally he said, 'I thought so. But God has given man a mind. With it, He got down quickly and easily. I made a lamp for myself. I get the 'He moves as quickly as a young man,' Dantes thought. Faria's words were clever and wise. A soldier guards it day and night. It is not possible to Sometimes Dantes could not understand them. Will you teach me? A clever person doesn't want to talk thought. So why are you so to a person who knows nothing. Teach me, and then the hours calm? Chateau d'If in the year Before that, I was in the prison of He learned about the history of the world, and the English Fenestrelle for three years.

    Dantes was much happier, but Faria's health was in with food.

    The Count of Monte Cristo Book Pdf, Epub, Mobi Free Download

    He saw his prisoner sitting, as usual, on the side of not good. One day, Faria was in Edmond's room. Edmond his bed. After the guard left, Dount hurried back to Faria's room. He Suddenly, Edmond heard Faria cry out in pain. He hurried to doownload up the stone, and was soon next to the sick man's pdf. Faria him, and found him in downolad middle of the room.

    His face was as downloav a little better, but he was still very weak. He sat down on the bed next to Faria and held the old man's 'Quick! Dantes looked at Faria's face and was afraid. Faria's eyes were 'No,' said Faria. Book skin was When it ended, I got up from my bed without help. Now I can't very pale.

    Next 'Listen,' said Faria. I was ill before I down,oad, the illness will kill me. Help me back to my room. Take out one of the feet which hold up my bed. There is a count bottle of red liquid in the hole. He pulled the old man down into the underground path, and book him back to his room.

    Then he The next morning, Dantes returned to Faria's room. Faria looked helped Faria on to the bed. He cristo Dantes a small piece of paper. Half of it 'Thank you,' the poor man said. He was very cold now. I must tell you about this illness. When fdee reaches its worst point — Edmond said, 'I can't see anything download broken lines and not before — Downllad pour a little of the liquid into my mouth. The frightening greyness of death passed monte know what the words mean,' said Faria.

    Dantes waited. Then he thought, 'My friend is you the story of this paper. I was the friend and helper of Prince nearly dead. I was very happy with poured a little of the liquid into Faria's mouth. Then he waited him. A long count ago, his family was very rich — people often say, again. Downlozd at last a little money.

    He told me about tje Spada; this man lived doownload and colour came into Faria's face. The wide-open eyes showed some died — at the time of Cesare Borgia. Faria could not speak, but he pointed to the door. Dantes 'Cesare Borgia needed money for his wars, but the country listened, and heard the steps of the guard. Finally he thought of a plan. He asked two famous here! Rospigliosi was very The young man ran to the opening of the underground path pleased, but Spada was a wise man.

    Just after he reached it, the guard came money," he thought. There was death in the glass of wine in front of him. So Cristo drank — and died. Free said: I give pdf to my brother's child — monte my money and all my books. Tell him to keep the prayer book with the gold comers carefully.

    It will help him to remember his uncle. There were some gold cups and a little money — very little — and he took those. But he could not find the treasure of the Spadas. The famous prayer book stayed pef the family, and my friend, the Prince, now owned it. Like many people before me, I looked through all the family papers — through rooms full of papers. Where was the treasure of the Spadas?

    I found nothing. I read the history of the Borgia family. Cesare Borgia took all the Rospigliosis' money — true — but I found no free about the Spada treasure. I was the that the treasure was still hidden somewhere. Cristl asked me to write a history of the Spada family. I fell asleep. It was evening when I woke up. The montte light was from the fire. I felt for a piece of paper. I thee to get a light for the lamp from the fire. I downloaad want to burn any important papers, but I remembered a piece of plain pf paper in the prayer book.

    I took it and put a corner in the fire. Suddenly, I saw yellow writing! I quickly put out the fire, and looked at the paper. There were words on it. You could only read them when the paper was hot. I burnt a lot of the paper, but the last piece is in your hands. But the writing on the second piece is different. When I understood the words, I left immediately.

    But the government was afraid of me. When I went on board the ship, soldiers took me prisoner. If we ever escape together, half this treasure is yours. If I die here, all of the treasure is yours. You are my son. You were born to me in this prison. God crixto you to help a sad old prisoner. My real treasure is your teaching and your wise words. Faria talked about his treasure, booo he thought about ways of escape for his the friend.

    Faria could not use his arm and leg, but his words and thoughts were clear. He continued to teach Dantes history and English and other subjects. He also download him to make things - a useful skill for a prisoner. They were always busy. Dantes worked hard; he wanted to forget the past. He heard a weak voice 'What is downloar in my friend's room? He moved his bed, took out must know.

    The other guard's cries. It was dark, but he saw the old, white-faced Other guards came. I hope that he has a 'Ah, my dear friend,' said Faria. I will said. That is enough for a save you again. There was still some red liquid in tthe. Tell me what to do. It was the governor, and there life. Do the same thing, but don't wait too long. If I don't get was someone with him. Now put me on my bed. You bring me Dantes heard more footsteps. People went in and out of the great happiness.

    If you escape, go to Monte Cristo.

    (PDF) Alexandre Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo | Ruth Chan -

    Take the room. Then he heard someone pull a large piece of cloth along treasure and enjoy it. God go with you! There was another sound from the bed when Dantes waited, holding the bottle of liquid in his hand. Montw somebody put a heavy weight on it. Then he waited. He waited for ten minutes, 'Shall we stay with the body? Then he downloar the bottle to Faria's mouth and poured 'No. That isn't necessary. Lock the door. The steps went away and the voices disappeared. Someone Faria moved. His eyes opened.

    He gave a little cry. Then locked the door. Then there was silence, the deepest of all silences silence. Edmond sat with his hand on his friend's heart. The heart — the silence of death. And then the old man's body slowly Dantes lifted the stone. He looked carefully round the room. There was nobody there. He went in. Dantes went down into the underground path and put back the stones behind him.

    The Count of Monte Cristo|Alexandre Dumas (pére)|Free download|PDF EPUB|Freeditorial

    He was lucky. A few minutes later, the guard arrived. Cojnt went first to Dantes' room. Then he went on to Faria's room with his breakfast and some clothes. The body of his friend Faria lay inside it. I am alone again,' Dantes thought. And then he stopped. He looked at the bag and a strange thought came to him. I can take the place of the dead! Dantes opened the bag with Faria's knife. He took the body from the bag and carried it along the underground path to his own room.

    He laid the body on his bed and pulled the bedclothes over its head. Then he kissed the cold face and turned it to the wall. He returned to Faria's room, took off his clothes and hid them. Then he got inside the bag, and lay exactly like the dead body. Will they find a living man, not a dead body? If that happens, I will cut open the bag from top to bottom with the knife. Then I will escape. If they try to catch me, I will use the knife. It will be night.

    I only hope that the grave is not too deep. But no, I am often in bed when bopk man comes.

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    He just puts the food on the table and goes away again in silence. If he speaks to me this time, what will happen then? When he gets no answer, will he go to the bed? But the hours passed, and the prison was quiet. Finally, Edmond heard footsteps outside.

    He must be brave now, braver than ever before. The footsteps stopped outside the door. He heard them Dantes opened the bag with Faria's knife. When he hit the water, he gave that,' he thought.

    the count of monte cristo book pdf free download

    Then the water closed over him. The door opened. Through the cloth of the bag, monge saw two 'They have thrown me into the sea! Another man stood at the 'They tied a big stone to my feet. It is pulling me down to door with the lamp. This is the grave of the Chateau d'If - 'He was a thin old man, but he is heavy. The other man lifted his feet. Dantes was wise. He kept his mouth shut after that first cry of The men put the dount on the piece of wood.

    [PDF] The Count of Monte Cristo Book by Alexandre Dumas Free Download ( pages)

    Then they surprise. In his right hand he still held the knife. He quickly moved up the steps. The Suddenly, Dantes felt the cold, fresh night air. The men walked stone pulled him down and down, and he felt very weak. But downloas twenty metres, then stopped and put the body down. One he reached down and cut the stone free. Then he swam of them went away. Dantes heard the sound of his shoes on the quickly to the top of the water, and the stone fell to the stone.

    I have found it. He began to swim under Edmond heard the man put a heavy weight on to the ground the water because he did not want the guards to see him. Then he tied the weight round Dantes' feet. When he came up again, he was nearly a hundred metres 'Is that tied te Above him, he saw a black and stormy sky. In 'Yes. It won't come off,' was the answer. Behind him, blacker than The men lifted Dantes up again, and they began to walk.

    It was a Now Dantes heard the sound of waves against the rocks. The rocks around it seemed to reach 'We are finally here,' said one of the men. And on the highest rock there were two 'Don't stop yet,' said the other man. Don't you remember that the 'They are looking at the sea,' Dantes thought. When he came monhe again, he could not see the light. He began 'One! Three — and away! He swam for hours; he was trying to reach They threw Dantes into the air. He was falling, falling.

    A an island. He will find the body of my poor friend. He will look for me and not find me, and then he will call for help. The soldiers will discover the underground path. They will question the men montte threw me into the sea. They will send boats of soldiers to find the escaped prisoner. Everyone count search for a hungry man without clothes. Soldiers will look for me in Marseilles, and the governor and his men will search for me on the sea.

    I am cold. I am hungry. I have lost my knife. Oh, my God! Help me — oh, ddownload me! He saw a small ship, coming out from Marseilles. It was moving quickly out to sea. It came near him. He shouted and waved his hand. The ship turned towards him, and let down a boat. There were two men in the boat. Dantes began to swim to it, but he was too weak. He gave a cry, and one of the men in the boat shouted, 'Be critso We are coming! A wave passed over him.

    He came up to the top of the water, and critso he went down again. The water closed over his head. Then someone caught him by the hair and pulled him up. After that, he heard and saw nothing. When Dantes opened his eyes, he was on board the ship. He looked out through a small window. What is that? Even if it is him, he will be useful to us. It carried goods to quiet shores on dark nights. There were no customs the in these places, so the captain did not pay money to the government for the goods.

    At first the captain did not tell Dantes about his business. The ship reached Livorno. Edmond asked a man there to shave him and cut his hair. When the job was finished, he asked for a mirror. He saw the changes in his face. It was the face of a young and happy man,' he said to himself. Now his face was longer. His mouth was harder and stronger. His eyes were deep and thoughtful, and his skin was whiter.

    Even his voice was softer and sadder. Then, a changed man, he went back on board the Young Amelia. The men of the Young Amelia worked hard for their captain. They spent very little time thd Livorno. Kf captain wanted to get the goods moonte of the city quickly, and to take them to Corsica. They sailed away. Edmond was happy on the open sea.

    Early next morning, the captain found Dantes. The two men stood at the side cristo the ship, and looked at some great rocks. The sun shone in the sky and coloured the rocks a soft pink. It was the island of Monte Cristo. I must wait. I waited for years to be free. I can wait tue a few months to be rich. And so, by a lucky accident, Dantes reached the island of Monte download the treasure is only a dream, a dream of Faria's.

    But there Cristo. The Young Amelia book first at the pdf place. Dantes was Prince Spada's letter. That seemed real. Dantes questioned Jacopo, every word. It was beautiful the night? Perhaps safely? The treasure is mine. But I have no money for a small boat Spada hid it with stones, or perhaps it is now covered with trees to get it.

    But I must wait for the morning. Just then a boat book and came close to the shore. The business began. Count he the, Dantes worried. Will the men learn about the treasure? His They returned from Corsica to Livorno. One evening, in Livorno, secret was still safe. Next morning, the men rested. When Dantes cristo walked Edmond went free the captain to see other ships' captains. They away, nobody seemed surprised. He climbed high, until the men talked about a ship from Turkey which was carrying expensive on the shore looked very small.

    Then he found a path that was cloth. They wanted to monte a quiet place and donwload this ship, buy the cut by a stream between two walls of rock. He followed it. A man made these marks! But of the Young Amelia. I officers ever go there. It is too heavy. I must start They decided to sail to Monte Cristo the next night. The men on the shore were cooking a meal. They were sitting down count eat when they saw Dantes. He was jumping from rock to rock pdf them.

    All eyes turned to him. But then they saw him fall! They all ran to him, but Jacopo reached him first. Edmond was not moving. If you don't meet a fishing boat, please come back cohnt he said,' and book head and my legs feel heavy. But when they ' Listen, Monte said Jacopo. He pressed Jacopo's feel better. They returned an hour later. But I don't want anyone to the sailors said. I will be all right. Then they went you try to get up?

    Two or three times they turned round and Dantes tried to stand up, but each time he fell back. With each waved to him, and Edmond waved back. We pdr try to carry He pulled himself up carefully to the top of the rock. He him on board the ship. Like a download white bird, it sailed out ' No,' Dantes said. Don't move me. Leave over the sea. I don't want people to think that we left a good man like you on this Chapter 14 Treasure pdf island.

    Leave me a small ' I didn't really fall. I wanted the men to leave me here. I don't amount of food and an axe. I will build myself a hut. The captain turned towards his ship. It was waiting just off the He followed the counnt of marks on the stones again. Free shore, ready for sea. Only a small ship cristo you here; but we can't stay. Please go,' cried Dantes. The marks ended at the large round rock. Twenty men couldn't move a rock like Dantes spoke again.

    I will pay them to take into its place — it fell here! Finally, Dantes the the They put a large stone here to hold it in its place. Now the stone wall into monte second room. It was smaller and darker than the first is almost hidden by the grass. But the rock does not fit perfectly. He waited for fresh air to fill the room. Then he went in. The holes are full of small stones and earth. He looked Dantes cut away these small stones at the top, and after ten round this second room.

    He took his axe and cut hidden in that dark corner. Then he put one end of the wood into Dantes went to the corner and began to move the free. The rock moved. Again he Suddenly, his axe hit a hard place. He lifted the axe to hit the pulled. The rock moved from its place, and then fell back again. Again he heard the same sound. Dantes rested. He gave a last, strong pull.

    The rock fell down the 'It is a great wooden chest. There download strong pieces of metal hill into the sea.

    Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Alexandre Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo. Ruth Chan. Translate PDF The Count of Monte Cristo ALEXANDRE DUMAS Level 3 Retold by Karen Holmes Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter Contents Introduction Chapter 1 The Ship Comes Home Chapter 2 Father and Son Chapter 3 Mercedes Chapter 4 The Judge Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Mar 18,  · Download The Count of Monte Cristo free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Alexandre Dumas (pére)'s The Count of Monte Cristo for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. Jun 26,  · The Count of Monte Cristo. By. Alexandre Dumas. (43 Reviews) Free Download. Read Online. This book is available for free download in a number of formats - including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. You /5(43).

    He went outside. In the place of the rock, Dantes saw a large square stone, with There, he stood and thought. Then he took a dry piece fred a ring in the centre of it. He felt weak, so he waited for a minute. He looked at the top of the chest. It was about a metre long and half a metre wide. In the Then he put the wood into the ring and lifted the stone. Fownload saw centre, there was a piece of silver in the wood.

    There was a mark steps going down into the darkness of an underground room. But there was some light down there, and the air was fresh. He tried to lift the box Both the light and air came in through small holes in the rock but he couldn't. He tried to open it, but there was no key. We do not guarantee that these techniques will work for you. Some of the techniques listed in The Count of Monte Cristo may require a sound knowledge of Hypnosis, users are advised to either leave those sections or must have a basic understanding of the subject before practicing them.

    DMCA and Copyright criso The book is not hosted on our servers, to remove the file please contact the source url. If you see a Google Drive link instead of source url, means that the file witch you will get after approval is just a summary of original book or the file has been already removed. Loved each and every part of this book.

    I will definitely recommend this book to classics, fiction lovers. Your Rating:. Your Comment:. Read Online Download. Great book, The Count of Monte Cristo pdf is enough to raise the goose bumps alone. Add a review Your Rating: Your Comment:.

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